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Currently, our lodge consists of six bandas, each one with a private veranda. Banda is the Swahili word for a single standing house (Chalet or bungalow).
Our stylish bandas are constructed using local building materials to reflect Tanzanian creation and skills. The roofs are thatched with coconut leaves while the walls are made of concrete and are decorated with volcanic stones. The beds are made of wood interwoven with sisal ropes in a unique Tanzanian style.
From your private veranda you're overlooking Lake Manyara and the Great East Rift Valley escarpment. It offers sighting of plains game (wildebeest, gazelles, zebra, ...) and an abundance of bird species.
Our restaurant is nested under a majestic Baobab tree and offers a tempting range of international and local inspiring meals made of the finest ingredients.

What to do at Lake Manyara


Burudika Manyara Lodge offers an extended range of cultural and wildlife activities. We are dedicated to providing you with adventurous and exciting discoveries that makes a visit to Lake Manyara unforgettable.
If you like walking or cycling, visit the Gunda Swamp, explore the agriculture land of Mto wa Mbu, follow the Kirurumo river or explore the great East Rift Valley escarpment.
For longer trips you have the choice of visiting Lake Miwaleni, see the banana plantation around the Njoro water source or take the Kigelia Africana tour.
You can watch the Maasai busy at buying and selling their commodities at the local market or visit a Maasai boma. To provide yourself with some souvenirs, visit the ethnic Makonde group renowned for their carving skills.
Do some charity and visit, help and interact with the needy orphans and disabled in their schools.

National parks of the Northern Circuit

National Parks

Burudika Manyara Lodge is an ideally located starting point for your safaris to all the National Parks of Tanzania's famous Northern Circuit.
Lake Manyara National Park is bordered by the dramatic Rift Valley escarpment of the Rift Valley. The alkaline lake hosts an uncountable number of flamingos and many other bird species. It's also known for its tree-climbing lions.
Tarangire National Park stretches along the Tarangire river and is known for its large concentration of elephants and as an excellent birdwatching destination.
Ngorongoro Conservation Area is renowned for its abundance of wildlife and a high density of lion, cheetah and leopard.
Serengeti National Park with its vast plains is the scenery of the annual wildebeest migration between late May and early July.

Karibu, welcome


Burudika lodge is an affordable accommodation within the Jangwani wildlife corridor area that joins the wildlife ecosystem of Tarangire and Manyara National Parks. The lodge provides a spectacular view of Lake Manyara and the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley.

Jangwani wildlife corridor area is within the Mto wa Mbu Game Controlled Area (GCA) where different mammals and bird species roam freely between Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks. It is home to a stunning diversity of wildlife in the typically sun-drenched savannah of East Africa.

This area also is home to the Maasai, an ethnic group that values conservation and wildlife. The Maasai have co-existed with wildlife for a long time because of their non-hunting culture. Within this area it is not uncommon to meet the Maasai with cattle herds. Burudika Manyara Lodge co-exists with the Maasai and their traditions.


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